Bo prays for Japan

To those who lost their lives, who were parted from friends and family, who are still searching for loved ones, who are doing all they can to help one another.

11.3.2011 Japan earthquake and
tsunami, Fukushima nuclear crisis

Design by Kamwei Fong
Copywriting by Sam Hepburn, Jovian Lee
©Bo&Friends 2011


2 thoughts on “Bo prays for Japan

  1. Thank you for your message for Japan.

    We are really encouraged by bo.
    Their simple face give us warm and compassionate feeling.
    Kyo like second one the most, because they make heart shape.
    I printed these (postcard size) and display them on the piano.

    Thank you again, and take care.

    1. Dear Junko,

      I really glad that everyone of you is safe. This is what I can do as a designer. I hope that everyone in Japan can be strong. Thank you for loving Bo and I’m pleased that Bo bring such a warm and compassionate feeling to you all. God bless.

      And take care.


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