Tiny Bo 2

Tiny Bo Plays Commander-in-Chief For A Day
Story and Copywriting by Sam Hepburn

Tiny Bo sings a theme song he painstakingly composed: “Bummm… Barum-bum-bum.. Bum-bum-barum-bum-bum…”

Tiny Bo: “To the secret lab!”
Green Bo: “…”

Tiny Bo: “To the Bo-mobile!”
Beige Bo: “Does he always order you around like this?”
Green Bo: “…”
Tiny Bo: “No talking!”

Tiny Bo: “Bwahaha! With this.. plus the rest of my savings.. I now have enough for a lollipop! My dastardly plan is complete!”

Tiny Bo: “I have called you all here today for a TOP SECRET AND IMPORTANT mission…”

Tiny Bo: “Hey, wait, where are you going??”

Tiny Bo: <GULP>

Tiny Bo: “Ermm.. Err.. You guys look a lot bigger up close..”

Tiny Bo: “Ok, come any nearer and I’m whipping out my laser gun!!”