Bo arrived in Japan safely

12 Jan 2012 – Received a warm thank you email from my friends, Tsunekawa family, everyone is happy to meet the real Bo. Now Bo is safe and start playing with a cutie cat called Popo from the family :)

“And we’re here! That was fast!”
“Hmm… I’m not sure I like the look of this…”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, number one, it’s quiiiiiiiite fluffy…”
“I had a fluffy friend once, he was really nice.”
“Aaaa-choo! It’s getting up my nose.”
“You have a nose…?”

“The fluffy thingy doesn’t seem to be moving…”
“Good, let’s go explore its house!”
“Great idea. I’m loving these hardwood floors. They’re faaaabulous.”
“Ok everyone, move slowly – don’t wake him up!”

*half a millimeter later*
“Yeah I don’t think this ‘slowly’ thing is gonna work..”
“Agreed! We’ve got to move faster!”
“But… But…!”
“I ate too much on the plane.. Stomach too full to run..”

“OMG noooooo he’s got me!”
“That’ll teach you to eat three ice creams in one go!”
“Wait a second… That tickles!”
“HEHEHE! Stop it, Fluffy Thingy, hehehehe!”
“Let’s leave him here. I smell something yummy cooking in the kitchen.”
“Where are you going, guys? HEHEHEHEHE!”

Story and scripts by Sam Hepburn (


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