Eggie Bo

DIY a Bo with recycled materials, have fun with your kids!

There are a few things needed:
1. a piece of scrap paper.
2. an egg shell, break the tip, remove the egg carefully, and dry it.
3. double-sided tape.
4. permanent marker.
5. a pair of scissors.
Firstly, draw the egg shell with permanent marker, any patterns you like. If you prefer to have some colours, you can consider to use other medium, e.g permanent colour pen, acrylic paint, etc.
Secondly, draw the fish tail and fins.
Cut them out.
Stick the tail first with double-sided tape, and then fix the fins very carefully, don’t press too hard on the shell.
Put a tape at the bottom of Bo, to make sure he can sit nicely on ground.
Tadaaaa~ finished! This is an Eggie Bo! Happy or not?
You can try as many patterns as you wish, with colours or other ornaments.
A school of Eggie Bo is swimming happily now.
The more the merrier.
Try it at home and share the joy!


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