Congregation of good friends, in a good mood, at a good place, sharing a good time

These are a set of paintings I finished end of last year, the biggest among all that I’ve done so far for Bo. 

I wanted to buy a huge canvas but at the end I bought four smaller canvases (40×40 inches) because I can’t fit the bigger one into my car @.@, I didn’t want to call a truck to deliver to my place coz that will cost me a bomb. Anyway, at the end, I painted four canvases, it added up to 80×80 inches, taller than myself, I have to stand on a chair to paint the top part, chin up all the time. 

I joined them together and start my composition and painting. Since it is about congregation, friends gathering, so I planned it in such a way, that if I don’t combine four, they can be separated and stand alone as a piece when they are not ‘congregate’. They took me about four month to finish. Lots of sketches, changing minds, amendments and late nights.

In the painting you can see there are clouds, tons of them and painted in five colours. In Chinese culture, five-colour clouds ‘五色雲彩’ always signify wellness, prosperity and harmony. And also Bos are coming from four directions, in Chinese saying, four directions ‘四方’ can also mean around the world, everywhere, ‘四方好友’ means good friends from around the world. 

Check them out in the pictures below. 80×80 inches, acrylic on canvas. I hope you’ll love the painting as much as I do :) The art prints are also available at

Meet Bo on: Bo&Friends Facebook Instagram: helloboandfriends Bo&Friends Etsy Shop Outdated, Publika.


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