Bo celebrates Mid Autumn festival 

Mid Autumn festival is one of the most important festivals for Chinese. In Malaysia, since my childhood time, all our family members will gather around for the celebration. Mooncake, lantern, Chinese tea and other nostalgic traditional snacks are some of the must-have items. In my primary school, there was a lantern making competition annually. 

Traditionally, we use bamboo sticks or wire to make the frame, to wrap the frame, you can choose to use rice paper, plastic translucent colour paper or cloth, and finally paint the lantern with patterns and motifs. Usually the competition is part of the celebration in the school, it’s called ‘Moon Light Party’ or ‘Mid Autumn Evening Party’ where everyone gather and share their food and lanterns, almost every tree were decorated with candle lit paper lanterns. 

That’s how we celebrated in the olden days before all the battery lit plastic lanterns were introduced. However, I’m a old school people so I still kinda like the nostalgia way of celebration and lantern making. I still remember how my teacher taught us in the primary school art class. I have made one sample and its making process and instructions for Bo’s fans to download and try, see the pictures below, and you can try it in the next Mid Autumn festival :)



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