The Furry Thing Series – The Kitties and The Monsters

The Furry Thing Series is a illustration series started a few years back. So far I have drawn a few animals and some furry monsters. I only use black artline pens, 0.1 or 0.2 are the ones used to shade the fur one by one. I still have many more in my sketch book which I haven’t really have time to ‘shade’ due to busy schedule and sometimes, procrastination, haha. Below are the ones posted on social medias. Personally signed art prints are also available at Outdated, Publika, Kuala Lumpur and

From top to bottom: Kitty No.1, Kitty No.2, Kitty No. 3, Kitty No. 4 (Love Yourself More), Squirrel, Monsters Comma, Monster Question and Monster Exclamation

Kitty No.3 is being shared and liked more than thirty thousands time on:


Meet Bo on: Bo&Friends Facebook Instagram: helloboandfriends Bo&Friends Etsy Shop and Outdated, Publika.


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