Work in progress

I’ve been working on a series of paintings lately. It was a cool experience experimenting new way and new medium for the last two weeks. This is a picture I simply snapped to see the result on my iPhone screen under not-so-bright lighting, so it might look blurred on computer screen. 

Unlike what I usually do, I didn’t sketch my ideas and composition out on my sketch book, I went straight with applying gesso, pouring ink(black acrylic) onto the gesso primed canvas. The ‘ink’ smeared with water naturally, the movement was amazing, like an animation happening on the canvas. I believe many of you had the same experience, especially for those who practice Chinese painting and water colour before. 

The ‘ink’ took a day to dry completely. Then I start to scribble circles and dots, rings, whatever you called them, randomly on the canvas, interact with the ‘ink’, with ball pens and marker pens. The result look good and I’ll continue when I’m inspired :)

Instagram: kamweiatwork


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