Woolly Bo

100% handmade with 100% wool, passion and patience :)A few months back I have picked up a learning session from YouTube on how to create soft toy with felting wool by hand. I bought the necessary materials and tools from my friend who is also good in felted toys. So far I have created more than 40 Bo the goldfish with wool. It’s excited to see so many colourful wool and make them into lovely Bos. Although the process wasn’t easy, I’m grateful and feel wonderful to see the result :)


Bo Paintings Photoshoot at Wizard Photography 

At Wizard Photography Studio. Allen, the photographer and I at the scene to shoot some of the latest Bo paintings. Thanks Allen and his assistant for their professional work and advice. I’m grateful for that 🙂

Bo painting work in progress

This is the progress of my latest Bo painting that took me a month to complete. This is also the first time I painted so many Bos in one painting. The challenging part was to take care of every single scale of Bo and unite all Bos at the end by creating a neutral yet compliment background with different tones of clouds. Every single objects here has been through layers of colours to complete. I’m pleased with the result, will share it in the next post :) Oh ya, I also made my first time lapse video using my iPhone too as suggested by my friend, Alex. Enjoy!