Bo painting work in progress

This is the progress of my latest Bo painting that took me a month to complete. This is also the first time I painted so many Bos in one painting. The challenging part was to take care of every single scale of Bo and unite all Bos at the end by creating a neutral yet compliment background with different tones of clouds. Every single objects here has been through layers of colours to complete. I’m pleased with the result, will share it in the next post :) Oh ya, I also made my first time lapse video using my iPhone too as suggested by my friend, Alex. Enjoy!






Kitty J

Last month, Roy from The Netherlands asked me if I can create a drawing based on The Furry Thing for his upcoming baby, so this was what I created, a Kitty ‘J’ for the little baby, his name is Jules! He printed it on a special card and sent me a copy. It’s a very nicely designed card, it says “Great adventure begins small” in front and there are more phrases in Dutch at the back. Sorry that my Dutch is not good I need some help on that later. What also surprised me were the stamps, thanks Roy for designing it with Kitty No.2, love it so much. Congratulations to Roy and family, I wish baby Jules a great and wonderful life.

Red Cap Bo with blue pebbles

After the sketches done, I have tried out a small piece of painting here, 12×12 inches with acrylic and ball pen on canvas. It was really nice to mix two mediums, and the teeny tiny lines can only be drawn by using ball pen create more precise spaces for colouring the goldfish scales and textures of the pebbles.