Princess Bo hand built prototype with clay

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Hand built clay prototype – which took me 5 hours to complete. It’s about 1-foot long, hand built with wet clay. I spent almost an hour on the tail as it’s much longer and heavier than a normal Bo tail. It kept cracking and collapsing while I attached it to the body, and that was quite a challenging moment. I had to join the tail to the body before it dried, otherwise both parts might not be joined perfectly, and they’d crack. But finally, I completed the prototype. Next steps, leave it for a few days to completely dry, then send it for bisque firing.

Princess Bo

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I always wanted to create a Princess, she should be one of the sweetest Bo among all, who has the sweetest and most precious memory. This is the initial sketch after many rounds of rough sketches and fine tuning sessions.


Cloudy Bo and Dotty Bo after firing

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All the hard work has paid off, finally all Bo has survived with good result and interesting outcome. Check out the details of the textures on the glaze.

Bisqued and glazed Bo for final firing.
cloudy_bo_dotty_bo_fired01They all look good after firing

Can see some interesting brush stroke texture on the blue glaze, and small little dots appear on the stone-like surface.

Sometimes, Bo Goes Back to Mother Nature

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Ceramic making is a long process – from clay building, bisque firing, glazing and final firing to the completed work. Each Bo goes through the same process, with unpredictable results, especially while being fired in the kiln. Some turn out unexpectedly nice, others come out with cracks and defects, or become damaged. Every failure is a good experience and shows me where I can improve. For those Bo that don’t make it to completion, I like to send them back to where they belong – back to Mother Nature. Rest in peace.


Happy Earth Day 2014

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Gigantic Black Scaley Bronzie Bo

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Hand built, low temperature firing,  porcelain painted scales on bronzie glaze.


Bo Tote Bags

April 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

Available at Outdated, Publika, Kuala Lumpur.
Come with four designs, RM10 each.



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