Bo on Vacation

After rushing some projects, I took two weeks break and enjoy my holiday in Europe Autumn last year. Of course, I brought Bos along, that time only Cream Ori Bo and Blue Scaley Bo :) These are some of the places we went, mostly in France, England and Scotland. They seem to enjoy the trip as much as I do! I left Ori and Scaley in Aberdeen with the local friends as a gift for offering us a nice place to stay. I hope Bos are living a good life and bring happiness to our friends ;)



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Flowery Bo

I love gardening, plants, fruits, and of course flower. I like how plants and flower being converted to drawings and illustrated for decorations such as wallpaper and textile. I wanted to try that on Bo for long time. One day I went to this ceramic studio and so happened I saw some of their pattern decals so I asked the owner/fabricator if she can help me to fabricate some, so she said yes. I chose some of the flowery patterns that I like and apply them on Bo :)



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Bo ‘Be Happy. Be Childlike. Be Ridiculous.’ painting 

This is a set of two paintings, Sharpie colour marker on canvas, 72×36 inches, completed in July 2014. That was the first time using purely marker pen instead of acrylic paint. After certain big objects were sketched on the canvas, the rest of the items were randomly drawn straight with black marker outline before applying colour. The feel was kinda nostalgic, something familiar I did when I was in the kindergarten, colouring book time, apply colours with either magic pens or colour pencils. I was kinda happy with its result :) the art print of the paintings are available on

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Bo serving bowl and candy dish

Recently I’ve been trying to paint some Bo kitchen ware. These are what I’ve done so far and posted on Bo FB page last week. Bo serving bowl and candy dish with lid, they are small, about a palm size, suitable for putting small items like candy, knick knacks or even tit bits and sauces for salad and finger food. They are now in the ceramic studio waiting for firing. I’ll show you the result later :)

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