White Bo

Art/Design/Typography Direction: Kamwei Fong
Copywriting: Sam Hepburn (samhepburn.com)

Thanks Sam for her brilliant and imaginative copy :)

Creating a Bo

Break the clay into small pieces and get them kneaded.
Join them and keep kneading until the dough is solid.
Slowly shaping it into a ball.
Make it oval.
Scrape it with tools until the surface looks even and smooth. Check the shape, make sure it's symmetrical balanced.
The oval ball is done! Draw a line to separate the head and body of Bo.
Front view of the body.
Side view of it.
Creating its tail with slab method, and join it to the body.
Smooth the joined area.
Dig 2 holes to be the eyes. At the same time, fine tune the shape according to the sketches.
Make sure it's almost symmetrical balance. Anyway, it's a handmade thing!
Complete Bo with its fins added!.
Smooth the surface with sand paper and fine tune the shape.
Bo looks different in different angle.
Bo looks happy with other Bos ^.^