Bo loves Malaysia 

Thank you all for doing this for our country and future generations. Be safe tomorrow, take care of each other, may the ridiculously positive energy be with you all, my fellow Malaysians!


Bo&Friends at Archidex 2015 KLCC

Bo&Friends porcelain tile collections were featured at Archidex 2015 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre with our partner, Kimgres Tile Company from 12-15 August. I’m so glad that the exhibition was successful and thanks Kimgres for organizing that, and everyone who dropped by and said Hi to Bo :)

Photos courtesy of Kimgres

Bo&Friends at George Town Festival 

We are here in Georgetown, Penang island for MYDesign Exhibition, these are some of the photos during the event. Thanks Malaymail Online and Georgetown Festival team for making this happened. The exhibition is happening now until end of August. 
14 August, 8pm-12pm, following Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, 10am-6pm, at The Space (Opposite China House), 212, Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang. Free admission.
Check out more info about the exhibition and George Town Festival on






The Reward Of War

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. I’m again sharing these posters that I designed years back for the poster exhibition at The National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

Man truly desires peace and hates war. Ironically, wherever man exists, there will be disagreement and dispute. A minor disagreement evolves into a heated argument while even bigger conflicts lead to the outbreak of war.

War is glory for those who defend and fight for peace and freedom, war is shameful for those who intrude and take away from others. However, whatever viewpoint one has, the result of war is the loss of millions of lives.

Thus, is peace the reward of war? Can there be no peace if there is no war, no bloodshed?

Translation for Chinese Character: Peace