Motivate Yourself. Happy 2016

Hi peeps! This is the last post of 2015. Remember all the good things we’ve learnt, seen, tasted, experienced, made and encountered in life. Let us be more broad-minded and welcome new adventures and challenges in 2016. Happy new year and good luck 😊
The Furry Thing Series – Kitty No.7 Motivate Yourself. Art prints available on

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Bo at the top of the mountain

Completed this painting to commemorate the end of 2015… It’s been an exciting year, up and down with many challenges. I’ve done some good works and many failed ones. Met loads of people and made new friends. I’m really grateful for those who appreciate and support me and my work… In 2016, I hope to continue to be myself but better! And do what I love with no regrets. Of course I wish the same for you, too :-)

Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! 
Bo at the top of the mountain. 60×48 inches, acrylic on gesso primed canvas.

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