Bo at the riverside

A family of Bo go out for a walk at the riverside. While the children play, the parents rekindle their love – and they all enjoy the nice sun rays of the afternoon ♥

Art direction and photography by Kamwei
Story and copywriting by Sam Hepburn

“Where’s mom and dad?”
“Oh, they’re off somewhere being all romantological and stuff.”

“Psst.. Do you think mom packed sandwiches?”
“If she did, I hope they’re peanut butter and jam…”
“Mmm… You’re making me hungry.”

“Budge over! You’re taking all the space!”
“No way, I’ll fall!”
“Tsk! Fattie!”

“That’s an awful lot of lettuce…”
“That’s not lettuce, silly!”

“One day, son, this will all be yours…”
“Err.. Ok..”


“Mom, wait for me!”
“Glug..glug.. me too!”

“Anyone up for skinnydipping?”
“Ewww, dad!”

There was a long silence as little Bo wondered whether it was worth the punishment to push his dad into the pond.

“Look! There’s your Aunty Minnie!”
“I thought Aunty Minnie was a swordfish?”

While Mommy and Sonny looked at the fish in the pond, Daddy took some alone time to think about lunch.

Some time around noon, Mommy and Daddy found the spot where they had first met, all those years ago… ♥